there’s something about you that’s been bothering me lately
i’m really not too sure what it is
i can’t quite put my finger on it, oh yeah..
i had no idea you were his

see i thought i had you in the palm of my hand
and you were happy for once in your life
the last thing that i thought was you’d ever end up going backwards
-much less end up being his wife

cause i had it all figured, see you and me honey
we would have this cabin up in the hills
we’d never think about the money, making just enough to survive
we’d never have to think about the bills

but you walked out on me didn’t you, it didn’t even phase you
you left me standing there talking on the phone and to
top it all off i have to stand here and watch you with him
knowing that you’ll both soon be alone

i can’t stand it ..just that look on your face
every time i see you these days
it must be hard to keep that expression all the time
it must be hard to steer your eyes in that way

and you- i’m sure you’re thinking to yourself about now
i can’t believe she’s interested again
after all the bullshit you both went through the first time
i figured this time you’d know to say when

i wish that i got to know you just a little bit better than to
think you’d ever find someone to take my place
and now i know i’m gonna have to try and pick up all the pieces
i hope nobody sees the hurt look on my face

i can’t stand it -the jealousy consumes me
i hope they can’t see it when i look at you
cause it’s so hard to keep my composure when you’re around me
i quickly search for something that i need to do……

words and music by joseph herbert
copyright 1998