one phone call

one phone call

one phone call…one letter…one minute if you
gave me that i’d teach you to fly
one second…is all i’m asking
if you trust me then i’ll show you -we can reach the sky

so just let me…say it simple
you tell me that you like it when i cut through that way
i need to see you for just a moment
i need to talk and tell it all -i got so much to say

and this will only…take a minute
i promise not to bug you with a million requests
i just want you…to know i need you
it feels good to get something like that off my chest

so if you take this… call this morning
i’ll get through my day so much easier i know
and if you hear me… say i love you
well that’s because my stupid feelings are beginning to show

and it you think that… it’s coming too fast
say the word and i’ll come back and take it real slow
and if you need me.. to give you more time
i’ll back off and let you have the space you needed to grow

but now i’m calling… i hope i reach you
hearing your voice would kick my spirits up so fucking high
and if you answer and want to see me
well then you know i’m on my way and i’ll be swinging by

one phone call -one letter
one minute’s all it took to turn it back to you
one look is all i needed
to put us back and now we both know what we’re gonna do

words and music by joe herbert, copyright november, 2004