we talked..for the very first time tonight
i was so proud how much you’d grown
i watched how you carried yourself
and i wanted us to be alone

from the looks of things, i’d have to say you’re doing well
from the minute that our eyes met, i think we could tell
that you hadn’t forgotten any promises made
and if it wasn’t for the other guests i would have stayed

and later that night when you were all alone
in your little apartment and you heard the phone
you answered it quick and didn’t seem surprised
when i asked to come over you could have surmised

tell me little beautiful model woman
how does it feel when i look at you
i wonder why nobody ever asked before
what it is you think about when we get through

do you think that you’re neglected? i will talk to you
do you think you have a voice? i will listen to you
you want someone to maybe give you some physical contact
i will hug you -do you really love yourself…i will love you

after all the conversation about family and friends
and you showing us all the latest modeling trends
you brought out what you said was a portfolio,
that featured you in some sort of fashion show

after looking at the pictures of you so long
and all the other pretty women that’s when i knew
that you wanted to be one of them all your life
but when you needed it the most they deserted you

and late at night when you were all alone in that futon
thinking all about how the evening had gone
it must’ve been so dark when you heard that phone
and then you heard yourself allow me to come over alone

what did you think we’d do once i got there?
you answered wearing something nice -i’m sorry to stare
but it’s been such a long time since i’ve seen you
and i can’t think of anything i’d rather do

do you think that you’re forgotten? i’ll remember you
would you like someone to understand your fears?
watch how i protect you
when you think nobody knows who you are
i’ll repeat your name to you
and if you need someone to love you
i will love you…yeah, i will love you…

written by joe herbert, copyright 1993