well i almost called you
almost again
you have no idea
what i’ve just through been

a major personal vietnam there
oh you have no idea
how compulsion forced me
and made me want to see you

i know it’s the wrong thing to even call you
even if i’m having fun
because you know what we’ve been through
and i know what we’ve done

i guess it’s my turn to walk now
cause you’re not calling back
i guess you don’t need me now
there’s something that i lack

maybe my deplorable lack of real concern
for what you say that you need
you tell me all about what you want
the hunger you must feed

and i almost called once again now
but you know it feels so good
defeating that personal demon
i thought you maybe would have understood

and i think i’m finally getting stronger now
after all this time
i can even see the day ahead
when i won’t have to climb

up your special little social circle
where everyone’s cooler than me
the day I finally think i’m just as good
as i needed to be

copyright c. 1999 joseph herbert