big as you

when i was small you used to…tolerate me
as long as I didn’t get too close to you
you ran…with such an important crowd
you didn’t think it was appropriate for me too

i’d compliment you, on such a fine performance
i really liked the way you sang that song
yeah you’d tolerate me, as long as i knew my place
little did you know that you wouldn’t last very long

but now i’m big – at least as big as you
and i see things more clearly from up here
the way you treat me, now that we’re on an equal level
tells me that you think of me as your peer

but i don’t think so -maybe you were right the first time
we shouldn’t be running in the same social scene
i like it this way, now i don’t have to deal with you
i’m sure that you know exactly what mean

it’s so weird, you acting like you know me
suddenly trying to hang out with me too
i was just getting used to – having you always show me
who would have thought that i’d be showing you

i saw you – at the little reunion last night
you had that puzzled look of a deer frozen in headlights
could it be because of me that you’re so uncomfortable
i never knew you to be so afraid of heights

you’re waiting on me -hoping i make the first move
cause you think you can talk your way around what i say
but there’s a new understanding -between us now don’t you think so
and you’re looking back on a younger and brighter day

it’s so ironic, that i should have ever outgrown you
you always acted so much better than me
and it’s so funny, i guess that i’ve never really known you
now that i’m not so small i’m beginning to see….

words and music by joe herbert, copyright 1992