we grew apart
and that’s ok
everyone expected it to end that way

it’s real simple
there’s no harm done
it’s not like either of us lost or won

we don’t discuss it
our growing up
but somewhere along the way it had to come up

any outside people
were there to help us grow
we just learned at two seperate levels, you know

we should be closer
you and me
some of what we’ve been through
two brothers shouldn’t see

I want to call you
but it feels too late
you wouldn’t be up, or it can afford to wait

now I never see you
I don’t know any of your friends
what kind of message do you think that sends

and so we’re older
this we allow
and I don’t know what to say when I see you now

we should know better
maybe will someday
and I won’t be looking for the right words to say

cause you’re my brother
and we’re still alive
just waiting for one another to arrive

words and music by Joe Herbert, copyright 1993