maybe i should never have called you knowing all the
things we went through before
but somehow I couldn’t resist the temptation of
finding out what you had in store

it’s so enticing, the thought of flying out to
california appealed to me
and even though you’re settled down it seemed there was something missing,
perhaps it was me

maybe it’s a big mistake flying out there to
see you after all these years
but something in your voice made me realize everything is
not as pretty as it appears

i know that it was late when i called, but then again the
time change’ll benefit you
and i remember being on the west coast honey, this
time i’ll be thinking it through

take me to california, passing all the time zones, seeing all the car phones
-take me to california to the golden gate
take me to california, even though i’ve been there, time i want to
spend there -california oh, you know i just can’t wait

tell me if i’m reading into the message you
sent to me over the phone
the last thing i want is to be in your way making you
uncomfortable in your own home

but you told me that you were so lonely living in a
city far from your friends
and this guy you’re with -he didn’t seem to be the kind you
want to stick with until the end

maybe it’s time you realized that you should have
never walked out on me
but something about us being young and foolish
makes us all want to be free

and that’s ok, we needed this time
away from each other i know
time away to maybe heal the wounds and to
give us both a chance to grow

take me to california to the redwood
trees and blue seas and real good dope
take me where the earthquake people cling to a false sense of hope
take me out to san ysidro a city to which
all the weirdest people fled
california, i still can’t recall the best things you said

copyright c. 1999 by joseph herbert