can’t slow down

i was driving home late one night and i should have known better but i stopped by to see you
i already had a totally fulfilling night but i’m always looking for something better to do
sometimes it just ain’t enough even when we got everything that we probably need
it was one of those nights when i pushed my luck to see where it all would eventually lead

i can’t slow down
i can’t stop here
i can’t go back
and i can’t stay clear …but i think you better do it if you wanna be free

so i said goodbye to my friend and i thought i was heading back peacefully to bed
but it’s never enough for people like me and i had to address what was in my head
and i knew it was late but i didn’t care and i took the chance like i always do
and i pictured you there alone you were thinking about me like i was thinking of you

i can’t go home
i can’t sleep here
i can’t keep going
i got no fear …but you better learn fear if you wanna be free

with a night like this i’m thinkin’ that maybe i shoulda just left well enough alone
but i kept recalling what you said to me the last time i talked with you on the phone
and when i finally got there everything went exactly the way we talked about
but i still keep thinking that something’s missing i got this nagging little self doubt

i can’t slow down
i get sucked in
i can’t get out
and i can’t win but you’re never gonna win if you can’t even see

i can’t go back
i can’t stay here
i can’t slow down
i can’t stop here… but you better slow down if you wanna be free

words and music by joe herbert c. 2000