I used to think Caritha had a crush on me
But I was too scared to admit it
Between my curiosity, and her experience
I didn’t think that we were too well fitted

I should have gone ahead and kissed her that time we were alone
I should have given her what she wanted
But I was too naive and I thought she was too old
I could see when my friends found out that I’d be taunted

If I saw her today I don’t know what I would do
I’d probably end up saying something dumb
but I’m told she’s somewhere far away seeing the world
I wish I got to know her better some

Caritha’s flying, and I don’t think she’s gonna land
I could see her on her beach chair lying in the sand
She’s gone away from here cause there was nothing to keep her
the affection that I showed her could have been a whole lot deeper

The airport scene was a sight to remember
it was the coldest day I’ve ever felt for the middle of September
I watched her walk through customs, sure that she’d come back someday
but deep inside I knew that things would turn out this way

I know she has her reasons, but where does that leave me
I thought that she would have a change of heart and finally see
but now I’m stuck standing here staring at the sky
another plane leaves Logan and I’m wondering why

She’s flying,..I can’t see her coming back
It certainly did no good when I refused to help her pack
I could have done a lot more to convince her to stay
but now I have no choice but watch Caritha fly away

Caritha’s flying, I don’t think she’s going to land
I could see her drinking Margaritas lying in the sand
She always liked to travel so I hope she’s happy now
Caritha flew away……That’s all my story will allow

Words and music written by Joe Herbert, copyright 1992