the kellys always walked the streets cuz they
couldn’t face the anger and the
hunger and the pain waitin’ back home

couldn’t a been more than eleven
twins out in the streets so late you
wonder what kind of folks would just let ‘em roam

i’d see them walking in the rain
a certain look of desolation
and a hungry desperation in their eyes

i could tell they needed a friend
but they had no way of knowing that
they both were in for a terrible surprise

and the cruelty of the world- came crashing down
and nobody seemed to care in that forgotten town
and it always broke my heart- their mama cried
cuz I think she knew the truth- down deep inside

and i always wanted to help them
try and offer up my sympathy and
ask them if they maybe needed a ride

cause I wasn’t like all the others
but how could they have known about the
evil that was lurking deep inside

said i seen them walking down the road
there were two men following closely like
they had something suspicious on their mind

it was the last they seen of the kellys
they say kids who run away from home
are sometimes just impossible to find

when the cruelty of the world – comes pouring creeping in
how do I live with myself, and this ugly sin
It’ll always break my heart- their mama cries
cuz I know she sees right though my twisted dirty evil Lies

Instrumental jam… back to chorus:

and i only wanted to help them- still wish i could
they were told it was an act of kindness, and they understood
so whatever happened that day – will remain unsaid
cuz there’s only one person who knows if the Kelly twins are really dead

words and music by joe herbert, copyright November, 2009