i was the first to notice
that spirit she couldn’t hide
and she let me touch it
and it felt so good inside

cuz i wanted to touch her
to get close to that light
just brush her shoulder
maybe hoping that she might

turn her attention
i look straight at her eyes
and i catch her looking
my temperature starts to rise

is it really that hot in here?
i just can’t look away
she got me so mesmerized
i hope i’ll know what to say

when i get a little closer
will she give me that special touch
like she did to me that night
i hope it’s not asking much

do i trust my judgement
and ask her for a kiss
maybe if i wait here
she’ll turn to me like this

and i know that minute
that i’d trade the world for her
i move in real close now
and everything starts to blur

but i can perfectly picture
the way you looked that night
on the back of my car
playin’ songs in a breezy night

i’m gonna just hang on to that
and hope the memory won’t fade
i can’t torture myself
wishing you would have stayed

it’ll have to be enough though
as i close my eyes tonight
because you’re so beautiful
i don’t wanna ever forget that sight

cause i know i’m in deep now
in way over my head
and i know i’m in love now
i can’t remember what we said

words and music by joe herbert, copyright 1999