different world

you’re in a different world -everything seems so strange around you
you’ve never seen these people before
you never knew a place existed like this, and strangely enough
you find yourself being drawn to its core

suddenly everything around you loses its meaning
people act like they’re on a different planet
a tribal dance is going on around you, fire burns and you
feel yourself coming closer, helping other dancers to fan it

it’s a different world, you finally got an invitation
someone told them you knew how to have fun
but these people -are showing you that you don’t need worries,
evidently, there’s no work to be done

so you loosen up,looks like nobody’s staring at you,
after all, how hard can this be
you’re getting caught up -in the swirl of a happy crowd
stubbornly fighting the instinct to flee

it’s a Different World, that you’ve entered into
everyone knows that you’re out of place
a Different World, it’s just a little bit awkward
can’t they see the embarrassment on your face

wild how you sometimes can be so relaxed
and other times feel nothing but tension
if you can only close your eyes, pretend that you’re alone
maybe you wouldn’t have to feel such apprehension

and you know you’re out of your element now, pretty soon the
music’s gonna stop, and you’ll figure out if it’s a clean get away
but there’s something you could feel at the edge of your mind
and it keeps on telling you that you like it that way

Different World, you don’t feel like an equal
dress and talk much different than they do
Different World, but you feel this sudden kinship
and you hope they divert the attention away from you

suddenly you’re back home and you’re telling it to your friends,
but there’s no way that they can understand you
you want them to see so bad, but you can’t seem to explain it all
it’s a Different World the one that you’ve been to

a Different World -like nothing we’ve ever witnessed
can’t wait to get back to it when we’re done
a Different World -looks like we’re throwing it all away
cuz we just found ourselves an all new way to have fun…

words and music by joseph herbert, copyright 1994