You never were one to complain
I don’t like sharing all the pain
And I’m walking home despite the rain
But I’ll be keeping it all inside
I got no secrets to confide
Don’t want you thinkin’ less of me
I had to do it if I ever wanted to be free

But I got nowhere left to run
Entire lifetime without fun
It feels like everything’s been done
And now I’m walkin’ down the road
I’m just abandoning my load
And wondering what put me there
But in the end I don’t really care to see

I’ve watched my life come to an end
Trying to see what’s around the bend
you ask me why that might depend
On what it is you came to see
Or what you thought that I might be
It’s a little late to head back now
Anyway I don’t think I ever learned how to be free

copyright c. 2009 by joe herbert