drug song #7

i don’t care about the news
about the arabs and the jews
i don’t have time to watch tv
i only care about you and me

i don’t follow their directions
i don’t stop at intersections
i don’t care if i even eat
i’m only centered when we meet

i can’t think about my job
if their name’s mohammed steve or bob
am i supposed to even care
about the world if you’re not there

so now i never sleep at night
it’s a feeling i can’t seem to fight
because you know you’re my obsession
and now you’re hearing my confession

i’m thinking only about you
and all the things we both could do
i’m focused only on your face
there’s no one that could take your place

i think about you night and day
go over what i’ll do and say
or where i might find you tonight
i hope my timing ends up right

and i hope i’m gonna get you quick
if i wait any longer i’ll be sick
and then i won’t get to confide
everything locked up deep inside

written by joseph herbert copyright 1999