dying nation

What’s all this misinformation
Total lack of communication
Looking at the world’s starvation
It’s a dying nation

You were at the top of the hill
But you could never get your fill
You said you’d never rest until
You had half the population

said you had some fucked up dreams
And you couldn’t even hear their screams
But down here it’s starting to seem
Like it’s turning to a dying nation

You sat at the power station
thinking up this conversation
the idea needed cultivation
if you really wanted your dying nation

It was a creeping culmination
When you came to the realization
And you ordered extermination
To bring about their annihilation

Maybe you did it for recreation
Out of concern for your reputation
you really gave us an education
in how to prepare for a dying nation

I guess you thought it was your obligation
to scam for yet another donation
to fix this fucked up situation
And then deny all accusations

Now we’re showing repudiation
It was nothing but a fabrication
And we’re calling for your resignation
Gettin’ ready for the celebration
For the new
And terminal

words and music by Joe Herbert, copyright 2008