it’s because you’re entitled to it
that’s why you’re taking some more
it never seems like it’s enough to fill you
you’re always keeping score

you feel your brain drain downwards
you can’t do all the math
you feel your mind drip back in time
you’re walking on the wrong path

but it’s too late to try and stop it
not sure you would if you could
it might be just what you want you say
to think it feels this good

the guilty pleasures in a lifetime
don’t come that often to you
and so you tempt the hand of fate again
it’s me you’re trying to screw

but i’m too smart to let it happen
been in the game too long
and though you’re ready to deliver the message
you might have read it wrong

and so you tell me you’re entitled to it
i watch you taking some more
you wanna back up just a bit now
and don’t be such a whore

i never thought you were entitled to it
i hope you’re feeling good
you want to show me one glimpse of madness
but i don’t think you should

you sold your soul to the devil
and now your reaping rewards
he’s singing sweetly in your ear right now
and you know all the chords

you think that you’re entitled to it
already taking some more
i thought that there was just enough to fill you
there’s never really enough to fill you
now whatdja do that for

you act like you’re entitled to it
and i can’t keep up the pace
you’re on a rough slide downwards
and i want you out of my face

written by joe herbert, copyright november, 2000