i observe your reaction every time i see you
yeah you really put me through the paces
you know i’m gonna be the same person even though it seems
i’ve seen you through these different faces
so what in a couple of years you might be seeing me
with short hair just like you
and you’ll be wondering why you saw me as so different
why it took so long for me to get through

no matter what crowd you run with it seems like
they all act the same after a while
they must think that they’re so much different than the
other people, always pass on substance for style
i think i see so many more faces the more that
i change the way that i look
sometimes people just want to go ahead and judge a cover
never glancing at the book

don’t you understand what’s going on around you
children looking for a fight
who understands why half the people in this city
don’t know how to read and write
who understands the reason why we think we have to
try and kill off one another
when did this turn into a civil war, with brother
going up against brother

you tell me you don’t think appearances matter
but there you go talking again
and i’ve been around you for long enough to know that
you never listened to me way back then
but now when i attempt to discuss something important
you just keep looking at my hair
yeah, i know my physical appearance doesn’t match you
but really, you don’t have to stare

who understands why all the power seems to be
stored in a few men’s hands
when did we ever even stop to question
how it is we got this land
how can a neighbor get bad enough to take away another man’s
earnings why is it that we continue to teach when we
should be back home learning

who knows better than the voice in your head
that’s telling you that you should be good
who understands me better than he who knows that i’m misunderstood
who understands me but those people who’ve done the things i’ve
done before..i look for an answer, somebody tell me
where to find the key to open up this door

words and music by joseph herbert, copyright 1994