I watch the highways rolling by
A wave to passengers that don’t ask why
It won’t take long to get me there
I want a life away from anywhere

I hung on every word coming from her mouth
lost in the fields as I’m heading for the deep south
blazing rays of bright sunshine
to think that it’s been only 6 days since you were mine

Well I just think I’ll lose my head
Every time I remember what you said
I’m scared to think back on our day
I got no idea what it is that I’m supposed to say

I saw the beauty in your eyes
A thousand worlds all left behind
And knowing that you loved me too
And everything that you and I have ever been through

If we turn it on again
We won’t know which way why or when
I hear you urgin’ me to speed
You think about the hunger that we’re gonna feed as I’m

Coming up to exit forty- five
I’m feeling dead inside but I never really felt so alive
And I can never go back there again
Not after everywhere that you and I have just been

I’m riding right up to the ledge
And looking down over the edge
I’m seeing things I never seen
feel like a junkie finally getting clean
And if I turn it on again
I know I’ll lose my only friend
But now I feel it coming on
You know that wicked ride that we both love bein’ on…

Words and music by Joe Herbert, copyright 2009