friends II

we used to be friends, what happened
did you get too busy for me
you were someone in whom i trusted
i want you to make me see

i’d love to hear your explaination
about where you’ve been for so long
is it all because of your new found friends
or did i do something wrong

you know i really cared about you
but i wish i had a dime
for every time you forgot me
and blew me off all those times

and now i see you drive right past me
when i’m on my way to work
i wonder if you think about calling
or if you just think i’m a jerk

i can’t believe all i told you
about all my hopes and dreams
to think now, none of that matters
makes me want to scream

i’m just asking for a reason
maybe if i just knew
why it is you don’t call me
what have i done to you

and how can you sit and act like
you didn’t need me at all
where were you when i needed
someone to break my fall

i guess i better learn a lesson
cause it’s clear that you’re not gonna say
what it is that broke up our friendship
i guess that’s the price you pay

we used to be friends, what happened..
we used to be friends, what happened…

written by joe herbert, copyright 1994