George Wesley At The Old Mill

Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner -In Strasburg?!
That’s right, reggae Legend George Wesley will be returning to the area for one very special show at The Old Mill in Strasburg, VA on Friday, April 24th with special musical guests Joe Herbert and Friends.

Music starts at 8 PM with a $7 door. Free parking, food and drinks abound. Please call ahead to make reservations, as this one will fill up fast!
Call 540-975-0813 or The Old Mill at 540-465-8030 for any questions you might have.

We’re very excited to have George Wesley back in VA!!


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little satan

You got a nice bright smile when they’re telling you what you want to hear
But you never give a second thought to cutting them down with fear
How could you be so warm and friendly with me today
Then turn around and cut me with the nasty little things you say

I guess everyone thinks you’re such a sweet little kitten for sure
They come in feeling broken and you offer up a cute little cure
But then it all falls apart when we look inside your bottomless soul
And we learn about the way you treat us when you’re not playing the role

And how the devil came out and whispered in your sweet little ear
Telling you all about the bullshit you wanted to hear
And how the story’s so much different than it first appeared
Looks like it’s true about the worst things you always feared

You got a nasty side, but it’s something that you don’t like to show
It’s always just below the surface barely creeping up to say hello
But just give us a minute to disagree with something you said
And you’re pouncing like a ...

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how long (another song about murder)

what are we gonna do about this pressing problem
what are we going to say when they want to know why
how long did you think we could put it off ’til they’d find out
how long did you think you’d continue to lie

everyone already knows about this anyway
still it’s something you don’t want to admit
walk into the principal’s office before it gets too late
it’s over, the jig is up, and it’s time to quit

you’re going to tell it all this time, no backing down
it’s time you cleared that conscience anyway
just start at the beginning, and don’t spare any details
i’m sure by now you’ve got an awful lot to say

so what are we going to do about this problem
when are we going to take a breath and just come clean
you can’t go on running like this forever
what if there’s a possibility that you might’ve been seen

c’mon, get it off of your chest, you’ll feel better in the morning
everyone’s gonna find out about it anyway
what have you got to lose, but a guilty conscience
after you tell them, what can they...

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i got a girlfriend anna – she’s 24 years old
she has her own apartment – so independent and bold
she likes it when i come over -and so i do now and then
when i’m there we always make it – she never asks me where have you been

but i don’t think of her only – there’s someone else for me too
i can’t get her away from me – no matter what i do
and sometimes when i’m with anna – she’s really not on my mind
i wonder if she’s aware of what – i’m always looking to find

i think about her at midnight
4 in the morning too
i want her out of my system
that’s what i’m goin’ through

i wish that i never met you
i wouldn’t be so in love
if I get pushed like this again
i’m gonna give it the shove

i’m sick of her cause she haunts me – as soon as i get up
she’s with me every morning – i’m getting real fed up
so all the while i’m with her – i’m really thinking of you
i know it’s not very nice of me – but i must admit it’s true

i wish we’d stay apart for one whole week
maybe my feeling...

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you said you think you’re a little bit evil and
you’re never sorry for the things you said
you tell me ’bout the friends that keep disappearing
soon you won’t have any friends to shed

you have no regrets for yesterday or for
all the nasty things you did
you try and play it down by acting tough
keeping most of your feelings hid

you wonder how you got to this point in life
how you landed the position you’re in
even though the friends you keep losing somehow
make you think you’re still gonna win

they deep disappearing and you keep moving on
shedding one more layer of skin
but pretty soon it’s gonna catch up with you
you won’t recognize the person within

i saw it when you spread yourself too thin
and they cast you down in the dirt
and even though you’ve caused some other people pain
i still don’t want to see you hurt

so am i the last one you haven’t gotten over
how come you didn’t cast me aside
i know you’ve gotten close to dropping me before
but you always end up letting me slide

someone ...

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How Could You

how could you..after everything we’ve been through
and all this time i thought you were my friend
how could you.. you really disappoint me this time
everything came so quickly to an end

how dare you..this smacks of such hypocrisy
you standing up there thinking that you’re better
than the rest of these people, thinking that you can sway
their feelings, just by reading that condescending letter

how could you, be so deceived and blind that way
how could you even look yourself in the face
you trust these foolish leaders to start another world war
none of us’ll ever survive in that race

now everything about you i find offensive
you laugh at us and pretend to kneel down and pray
i realize now that you’re on the move and this is your world
and you don’t want anyone like me to stay

tell me what’s going on.. in that world of yours
tell me if there’s anything else that you really need
now you say i’ve gone astray-never did i think that it would get this way
i always wanted to follow your lead


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twice (falling apart)

ok, so i guess that i didn’t need to be so cruel
maybe i reacted that way ’cause i wanted to be cool
you didn’t have it coming, you’ve always been a real nice kid
and i should have known better than to do the nasty things i did

i tried to blow it off like i didn’t have feelings for you
it took me by surprise when i realized what i was going through
when you turned away, things began to change it’s probably for the better
my friends said i should give you room – if she wants to leave, you gotta let her

i shouldn’t be so mean even if i got a broken heart
you’ll know in a couple years when it’s falling apart
and when it happens to you i hope you’ll take my advice
cause you don’t ever wanna go through this same kind of thing twice

so i sit at work and think about how everything just went so wrong
why i have to wait and wonder what you’re doing all day long
it’s like a torture that i put myself through every day and night
i miss hearing your sweet voice even when we would fight

its going to...

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it’s because you’re entitled to it
that’s why you’re taking some more
it never seems like it’s enough to fill you
you’re always keeping score

you feel your brain drain downwards
you can’t do all the math
you feel your mind drip back in time
you’re walking on the wrong path

but it’s too late to try and stop it
not sure you would if you could
it might be just what you want you say
to think it feels this good

the guilty pleasures in a lifetime
don’t come that often to you
and so you tempt the hand of fate again
it’s me you’re trying to screw

but i’m too smart to let it happen
been in the game too long
and though you’re ready to deliver the message
you might have read it wrong

and so you tell me you’re entitled to it
i watch you taking some more
you wanna back up just a bit now
and don’t be such a whore

i never thought you were entitled to it
i hope you’re feeling good
you want to show me one glimpse of madness
but i don’t think you should

you sold your soul to the devil
and now your reapi...

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i had some friends i thought i trusted
they seemed pretty cool to me
they looked like maybe they were one of us
feeling things that you and i see

it took about a year for me to realize
they had no sense of honesty
and all the time i thought that i knew them
i was looking at their picture of me

my new friends took me to this art house party
then left me in a corner to die
but when i started up a conversation with someone
they came right over nice as pie

they wouldn’t introduce me to their sweetest friend
til they saw us both dissappear
i told them what i thought about them straight to their face
and i haven’t seen them now for a year

i can’t believe i fell for that line again
like god telling me i’m cursed
oh, you’d get to the promised land alright,
but you’d have to go through jersey first

i’m not like the people you might be used to
i hope I don’t remind you of them
i watch how you spread your mistrust and hatred
from where does all your anger stem

and why do you assume we want to be ...

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i went and messed it up again, i shoulda known better than to walk that way
everybody told me i was looking for trouble if i didn’t need to be there then i shouldn’a stayed
but just like everyone else i’m making up dumb excuses for my stupid behavior
i never said i listen to my own advice let alone come across acting like a savior

this time i think i’m in trouble -let my own sense of direction get away from me
i just try and hold on but i lose control -head spinning so fast that i can’t even see
and when i looked back up thinking you were gonna be there for me just like you’d always been
i had to come to grips with the fact that you’ll never see me and i’ll never see you again

i’m feeling such a loss and an aching in my heart that i can’t tell anyone about
so i go around telling them pretty much exactly what they expect me to spout
listen to my heart and i get in deeper, i listen to my head i’m not satisfied
there’s a delicate balance in the universe, keep it somewhere right in the mid...

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