i went to heaven..and it was just like they said it would be
angels, wings and big white clouds as far as the eye could see
i walked in heaven and they made me feel right at home
now that they let me in, i know that i’m never gonna want to roam

somehow i got here, but it must’ve been a big mistake
nobody ever really cared much about me i never got an even break
i don’t deserve this, there are much nicer people than me
somebody tell me how it came about cause i don’t remember paying a fee

i went to heaven..despite all the things i’d done
i’m not gonna say anything right now but
i think they might of got the wrong one
they let me in heaven..i guess they lost the list of sins
but i don’t really like this feeling of hiding
walking on needles and pins..

you must be joking you mean this is what it’s all about
and all those years, i wasted my time just trying to figure it out
i should have relaxed..if i knew that it would be so funny
i never would have wasted all that time just
thinking how to make that money

they sent me to heaven..i wonder if i made a wrong turn
maybe they just weren’t paying attention all the
times i let my passion burn
i like it in heaven..i just hope they know who i am
meantime i’ll take a look around the place, and hope they
didn’t hear me say ahh, damn

they sent me to heaven, and there’s nothing i could do right now
i don’t have any time to wonder why and i
don’t think I want to know how
now i’m in heaven…i don’t know how much more i can take
i keep on waiting for the news to come down that
someone made a big mistake….

written by joe herbert c. 1999