hippie crack

i needed a push
and you pushed me down
you pushed me right the fuck out of there
into another town

but i can make a good come back
yeah, i done it before
now i see you follow me down, I think
you’re rotten to the core

just back to stir it up again
and mess with my head
I thought we both had enough the last time
listen to what we said

but you’re more determined
to be together again
what, so I let you back in my heart
don’t matter where you’ve been

i seen this one before
i know the plan of attack
you turn it on and get me off again
my little hippie crack

just back to cause misery
or see if you still could
welcome back my hippie crack
I knew you never were no good

so don’t be lookin’ me up this go round
i’d be a fool to forget
shoulda let it die like we said the last time
what is it you don’t get

I guess there’s still some people
just can’t take a hint
they won’t take no for an answer til they
cause an accident

Welcome back miss misery
I knew you never were no good
you said you’d never come this way again
but I always knew you would
I must be a fool ’cause you’re back inside
I knew the plan of attack
You turn it on and get me off again
My little hippie crack

Written by joe herbert, Copyright 2004