How Could You

how could you..after everything we’ve been through
and all this time i thought you were my friend
how could you.. you really disappoint me this time
everything came so quickly to an end

how dare you..this smacks of such hypocrisy
you standing up there thinking that you’re better
than the rest of these people, thinking that you can sway
their feelings, just by reading that condescending letter

how could you, be so deceived and blind that way
how could you even look yourself in the face
you trust these foolish leaders to start another world war
none of us’ll ever survive in that race

now everything about you i find offensive
you laugh at us and pretend to kneel down and pray
i realize now that you’re on the move and this is your world
and you don’t want anyone like me to stay

tell me what’s going on.. in that world of yours
tell me if there’s anything else that you really need
now you say i’ve gone astray-never did i think that it would get this way
i always wanted to follow your lead

instrumental break

we thought you’d let us stay here, and really get a look at you
but something inside told me i’m gonna be leaving
you like to say you’re so honest, instilling such supreme faith
but when you looked in the mirror it was nothing you could believe in

how could’re never gonna live it down
all these people they looked up to you
you call for diversity, but when it confronts you
suddenly you’re taking on a hostile view

how could you, just for asking a question
you turn away from me and hide your face
you cut me off from any of your connections-and then you walk right past me
you don’t ever want to have to jump in that race

how could you.. how could you…how could you… how could you

written by joe herbert, copyright 92/2004