how long (another song about murder)

what are we gonna do about this pressing problem
what are we going to say when they want to know why
how long did you think we could put it off ’til they’d find out
how long did you think you’d continue to lie

everyone already knows about this anyway
still it’s something you don’t want to admit
walk into the principal’s office before it gets too late
it’s over, the jig is up, and it’s time to quit

you’re going to tell it all this time, no backing down
it’s time you cleared that conscience anyway
just start at the beginning, and don’t spare any details
i’m sure by now you’ve got an awful lot to say

so what are we going to do about this problem
when are we going to take a breath and just come clean
you can’t go on running like this forever
what if there’s a possibility that you might’ve been seen

c’mon, get it off of your chest, you’ll feel better in the morning
everyone’s gonna find out about it anyway
what have you got to lose, but a guilty conscience
after you tell them, what can they possibly say

so tell it all, brother, let’s get the damn thing over with
tell us all about the pain you’ve been keeping in
why not confess and get it over with, you’re only gonna make things worse
tell the whole world about this ugly sin….

may, 1996