like a miserable junkie i stood
lost control of what was going on
but then i woke up with a clear head
all the traces of my heroine gone

now i think i know what junkies must go through
i don’t ever want to feel that way again
it’s such a drag always thinking about you
or wondering what we could have been

cause it’s never really like that is it now
you could never tell a junkie how to quit
and i wanna be inside you -need it now
but then i’m always gonna want another hit

i think i know what all the junkies went through
when you got a real habit that you got to feed
it’s a terrible position to be in
feel that constant aching need

so i gotta put you out of -my fuckin’ mind
i don’t think that i can stand the strain
cause your love is like a lethal, wicked drug
that i’ll go through anything to obtain

because it physically hurts me deep inside
i never wanted anything this bad
for the chance of having you there at my side
i was willing to risk everything i had

now i know what all them junkies must’ve gone through
when you got yourself a habit that you got to feed
it’s a terrible position to be in
and i never wanna feel that constant need….again

words and music by joseph herbert, copyright 2000