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NEW Joe Herbert CD!

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The new Joe Herbert CD, entitled “PROJECTS” is ready for pick up. Email me and I’ll get one out to you.
PROJECTS features the newest recorded material, and includes songs such as “Quit”, “Everyone, You and Me”, “Done”, “Electricity”, “Scared”, “Everybody” and “Dying Nation”. I personally think it’s some of my best material, and I was fortunate to have such gifted players sitting in on these “SI Studios” sessions. I’m talking about talent like Chris Condel, Freeman White, Justin Mazer, Herb Manila, Tom Borthwick, Jon Lorrence, and special guest George Wesley!
But don’t take my word for it – get yourself a copy today!


Also Available: JOE HERBERT

“Mostly Live”, consists of some tasty live cuts from several different performances, using various lineups. The songs cover a wide range of material, including the radio friendly “Heaven” the big jam “So Far” and “Leper” – recorded live with Indoe Loop at a club out in Fairfax, VA.


“The Route 11 Corridor” is from 2011, and is available directly online, and at all my shows. Recorded at The Rec Shop Studio, in Woodstock, VA, The Route 11 Corridor features “One Phone Call”, “Friends II”, “Hippie Crack” and “Different World”, not to mention several other bright spots.


You can also get our original, self-titled Indoe Loop CD, which is a bit heavier with the spacey jams, and features “Another Mirror” going into three other tunes, all running together into one seamless jam. Just E-mail me if you would like to purchase any of these fine products, or you can easily pick one up at a show, or at several area establishments.


If you want to see a whole bunch of really cool music videos, check out my Youtube Site where you’ll find not only some classic Indoe Loop, Joe Herbert and Friends, and The Mad Amalgamation, but tons of other stuff too. Some of my favorites range from early Bee Gees (You gotta watch their performance of ‘I can’t see nobody’) to one of my new favorites – The Weepies. I also have a bunch of rare Dylan, George Harrison, Eric Clapton, plus some strange, weird and wonderful stuff including political rants and mysterious social commentary.


Stop The Kaboom!

(Poster Art by Green Door Promotions)


A shout out to my girl Laura Steepleton, who runs this wonderful annual event filled with good times, good music, guest speakers, art and discussion on how to organize in your neighborhood! The Proceeds of this festival go towards the R.A.M.P.S Collective, which is a non-violent direct action campaign focused on stopping mountaintop removal coal mining in WV. Check them out on


The 2nd annual Stop The Kaboom Fest at Rainbow Bill’s. Hey, nobody’s saying we don’t want electricity, or that we should go back to being cave dwellers. I just disagree on how we should go about obtaining that power, especially when it affects the people’s drinking water.

Stop The Kaboom II flyer
Check out Laura’s interview with Talkupy host Annie Lindstrom, who also found time to go on air during the festival.

Tune in each week for updates on gigs and other such happenings.