all of a sudden i see you coming
around, you think i’ve forgotten what it’s like to be
down and loose and free but it’s never been
me you’d choose to see because i’m a leper

don’t get too excited coming through my
door you were here before but it’s a bit too
late might be your fate to find out you
weren’t so big at all because i’m a leper

what can i help you with what do you
want that you haven’t got, can i get you
something, yeah here’s a tray let me know when you’re
leaving don’t get too close because i’m a leper

and it was you that cast me out, tried to instill
doubt but i got too strong, you knew all
along that i’d have to bolt so you cast me
down to uncommon ground with the other lepers

so now you’ve come to the colony did you ever think
you’d be here like this feeling out of
place with your normal face hiding so much
fear it’s ugliness to hear that you came to
me to the colony, where you sent me
to so long ago so tell me what you
want cause you’re looking gaunt…
and you used to stare at me like i was some kind of leper…

some kind of leper…
like i was some kind of leper…
so tell me who’s the leper now….

words and music by joe herbert copyright 1999