mike found god

it’s been so weird
since mike found god
now i just have a feeling
that i don’t measure up

it seems so unfair
everything comes his way
suddenly he’s drinking
from the silver cup

in the winner’s circle
yeah, mr. big shot
just because god
taught him all about fear

and now i’m so jealous
wish i could just let go like him
and maybe let the big man
just take it from here

but it seems too easy
too coincidental
that all of these good things
just happen to him

he thinks he’s really special
and every little stupid good thing
that happens to mike
could never happen to jim

cause he really really knows god
not like all of us heathens
i mean on some real mystic
and personal level

and he tells me i need him
if i want to get to heaven
he seems to know all about me
about my sins and the devil

says the world’s gonna end
and that we better all get ready
that he’s going to a mountain
up in montana state

and he’s buying some guns
and some ammunition
says if i don’t come with him
that it’ll be too late

mike found god
up in a little crowded bunker
where they speak in tongues
and think about the end

and i’m back in the city
watching all of that destruction
wondering what happened
to mike my friend…

words and music by joe herbert, copyright 1998