nothing at all

sittin’ back.. so comfortable
i don’t think that i want this night to ever end
kickin’ back.. our bodies touching and we
haven’t even gotten to the point that we’re no longer just friends

there with you.. i think i noticed there was
something in the way that we connected right there on the spot
but what to do.. i’d like to pull you in closer maybe tell you
that i love you – ah, but maybe not

cause you’re so sweet.. i wanna lick my lips and
kiss you til you turn your body closer to me right this way
it’s so complete.. the way you stole my heart and head
cause i’m thinkin’ i don’t want it any other way

so much to do.. so little time
to stop it now… would be a crime

it’s all so new -and so much different than the
other times i think i’m gettin’ in way over my head
there with you.. i see no reason we should act any different
when we hear what all those people said

i want you with me.. when i wake up, when i go to meet my friends
and when i come home real late at night
i think of you -like every second every hour that goes by cause
everything with you just feels right

so here i go – i’m gonna call
it’s either everything or -nothing at all…

words & music by joe herbert copyright 2000