one night

i started a joke
and she began to cry
she saw the look on my face
i saw the look in her eye

i knew right then i was in trouble
there was no hiding the smirk
but then i thought of a good one
said i had to go to work

i try to stay out of trouble
try to avoid a fight
but sometimes trouble surrounds me
it all can change in a night

i walked in late once too often
too many times i’ve been bad
i think i should have maybe thought about this
considered what i had

so look i realize you caught me
i had my hand in the till
but then you never really fought me on it
i wonder when you will

(so we can uh…talk about it later..)
right to chorus

i try and stay out of trouble
you’re absolutely right
i shouldn’t take you for granted
i won’t put up a fight

i try and stay out of trouble
there’s no denying you’re right
i risked it all and lost big time
and i lost it all in one night

words and music by joe herbert, copyright march, 1999