sam’s girlfriend

you’re introduced to me as being sam’s little girlfriend jen
but the minute i shake your hand i know that it’s just a matter of when
i look into your eyes and though i never met you before
you feel so penetrated and your adrenaline starts to soar

we’ve never even met, yet we both know the story’s ending
i could feel the hot vibrations that your body language is sending
the way you paid attention to every word i said
you knew as well as i did down which path we’d soon be led

it seems i’ve seen you before, that certain look in your eyes
the way you look at me from across the room
you think i’ve met you before and you really don’t
quite know where but you’re ready to live it up
stop me if you really think it’s too much that i assume

i found out just how tense you were by feeling your body close
but you gave it up so readily, i think i got too big a dose
now you’re calling me every day and night just wanting to
know my plans and i avoid you, i don’t even take your calls,
i just want to wash my hands of this affair

or what ever you’re calling it now, what ever happened to your boyfriend
i’m sure he’s sitting at home just waiting for you right now
he introduced you as his girl, but all that’s changed today
you got what you wanted, but you’re really not happy
and you’re still looking for a way to

explain all of this -mysterious entrances and exits don’t even
worry about how it may or may not appear
and i’ll explain all of this, but first i gotta get some rest
i don’t want to deal with the drama of your hopes and fears

yeah, i’ve seen you before, or somebody that looks like you
it doesn’t effect me one way or the other
as soon as this blows over, you’ll go looking for a different man
and sammy will be there ’til you find another

sam’s girlfriend…sam’s girlfriend…sam’s girlfriend…

music and lyrics by joseph herbert, copyright 1993