She used to be so scared
that someone might find out
about what was going on
then everybody’d know the truth

and she couldn’t take the chance
that it would be revealed
the secret she’d been holding
deep inside her for so long

so she kept it to herself
ashamed of what was true
she couldn’t let nobody in cause then they’d know
she was still in love with you

you helped me overcome the things i had to put behind
if i wanted to succeed in life and put my trust and faith in you
i wanted to convince myself there’d come a day when
I wouldn’t have to hide my love away
and I could walk right up and say it now I do

she waited – wasted all that time
i can’t believe how much she didn’t realize
til it was far too late to make that change inside
now things are so much different she’s no longer afraid
I told her not to be scared and that she shouldn’t
run away and hide

now I notice how her eyes no longer look away
that sparkle that i used to want to stare into for hours at a time
is looking right at me i want to thank you just for
helping me to realize my dream cuz it was one hell of a climb

words and music by joe herbert, copyright 9-1-03