see stars

lisa i admired you from the other side of the floor
i saw you were something special by the way you watched the door
i know you were tired, and just a little stressed out, but you
let yourself listen to me
i know i must be like a thousand other guys that you always have to hear and see

in the beginning, we were worlds apart, so i watched you from afar
your shiny black hair and your foreign features
stood out in that small town bar
and so i approached you and you didn’t even resist
like maybe we were made for each other
i couldn’t wait ’til it was closing time
so we could be with one another

i could see stars -the minute we walked out side
and it felt like i was in a dream
i could see stars, but sometimes your mind plays tricks on you
things are not always what they seem

the sky- you couldn’t tell it from the water
it was so peaceful out
i know there must have been some other people around
but it was you i cared about
i had to remind myself the things that people say
and not forget where we were at
but i couldn’t believe that it was you i held
after waiting so long like that

the sky -it was the blackest blue, with the moon shining in your eyes
i was holding you close when you noticed something in the
wind sounded like a cry
but i could tell that the feeling was mutual, as the
big dipper shone its light
and we were warm and feeling every vibe
that was sent out from that cold and starry night

i could see stars- I knew it wouldn’t be much longer
’til i could feel everything come true
i could see stars, and realize everything about you
all I waited for was captured in that view

i could see stars, must be a lucky omen
how else could you explain all this..
i could see stars, i thought i knew a little ’bout astronomy but
there was something cosmic in your kiss

made me see stars, not just the kind you’re used to
but the ones that come to you in dreams
i could see stars, in that black and blue night
etching your lovely features in moonbeams…

words and music by joseph herbert, copyright 1993