you said you think you’re a little bit evil and
you’re never sorry for the things you said
you tell me ’bout the friends that keep disappearing
soon you won’t have any friends to shed

you have no regrets for yesterday or for
all the nasty things you did
you try and play it down by acting tough
keeping most of your feelings hid

you wonder how you got to this point in life
how you landed the position you’re in
even though the friends you keep losing somehow
make you think you’re still gonna win

they deep disappearing and you keep moving on
shedding one more layer of skin
but pretty soon it’s gonna catch up with you
you won’t recognize the person within

i saw it when you spread yourself too thin
and they cast you down in the dirt
and even though you’ve caused some other people pain
i still don’t want to see you hurt

so am i the last one you haven’t gotten over
how come you didn’t cast me aside
i know you’ve gotten close to dropping me before
but you always end up letting me slide

someone gave you that much hurt and anger
you don’t allow yourself to get close
yeah, but just because you tasted life’s bitterness
doesn’t mean we all need a dose

they keep disappearing you keep moving along
you shed another layer of skin
even though you thought you didn’t lose a thing
there’s nothing really left to win