it’s such a small small world
you didn’t realize that
when i stepped into your picture
i knew where you were at

did you think you could just treat me
like i was not even there
because you’re getting some attention now
you think i even care

cause i can see the big picture- and i can see you getting small
so go ahead and keep talking big -you’re heading for a fall

when i first stepped into your scene
you didn’t pay me much mind
cause you were looking right over me
what did you hope to find

but then i started getting wise to you
things started looking more clear
i saw a strange expression on your face
was that the look of fear

and your world is getting smaller now-it’s closing in all around
you wanted so much to be popular- i hope that’s what you found

i see the way you look down to us
you got a lot of nerve
but you should have known that in the end
you get what you deserve

did you think just because you’re big right now
that you could never be small
was it a shock when you realized
we didn’t care at all

-written by joe herbert copyright 2000