so far

i never get a chance to tell you just what i meant to
because you live so far away
what did you think we’d talk about when i got there
cause now you got nothing to say

i should take a chance and go first, but don’t want to
you should be the one to tell me you were wrong
i never would have done it if i was not vulnerable
feeling so weak and thinking you’re so strong

look what the miles between have done for us
now i never know where you are
that’s what the time away has done to us
why do you live so far… far……

i used to sit and write you heartfelt letters
and you were good at writing back, from where ever you lived
but with nothing shared we got nothing to take from
and it seems you’re not interested in what i could give

and i really wish i could see you
people out there don’t know who you are
i think we’d all like to be near you..
do you really have to live so far….so far….

words and music by joseph herbert, copyright 1999