status quo

i told the truth
so i had to suffer
because you
couldn’t swallow your pride

i had to go
because i got too big
and you were running out of
places to hide

i couldn’t be trusted
to keep your little secret
so you got all
panicky and fled

but now you’re back
with a wicked vengeance
and i remember
all the lies you spread

i told the truth and it became a lie
and for a while i didn’t know
which way was up if you said it was down
i’d fall in line with the status quo

everyone believed that story you told
and it was like you were here much longer than me
but then we got too friendly and maybe started confessing
things i think we never should have shared you and me

now they’re all your friends
and i don’t know anyone
that would stand behind me
after what you said

and i know that you’ve worked at
backing up your story
what a wicked lie
that you needed to spread

was it because of rejection
unrequieted love
that you needed to put me
in my place

i think you might be forgetting
what the people have told you
that the truth outlasts
even time and space

written by joe herbert, copyright 1998