truth -is stranger than fiction
after everything that happened
you could feel the friction

sometimes it gets so intense
when you come to realize
that even if you think you were right
you have to apologize

so i’m sorry if you’re feeling hurt
because of something i did
it might have forced you into growing up
and maybe that’s why you hid

but it’s a great big world out there
i’m sorry if you got scared
you might have thought that i wanted to hurt you
or that i never even cared

so now you think you see it coming true
all the things that you feared
like having me take her away from you
i know it must be kinda weird

but i don’t want you thinking i’m so mean
or that because i love her
that it has to be the end of us
or that you have to run for cover

because it’s like you wrote about then
and now it’s coming true
i didn’t want to make you so upset
because i really like you

but you know that sometimes truth
can be stranger than fiction
i don’t want to make you sad
or cause us any more friction
but you know that truth……

music and lyrics by joseph herbert, copyright 2000