twice (falling apart)

ok, so i guess that i didn’t need to be so cruel
maybe i reacted that way ’cause i wanted to be cool
you didn’t have it coming, you’ve always been a real nice kid
and i should have known better than to do the nasty things i did

i tried to blow it off like i didn’t have feelings for you
it took me by surprise when i realized what i was going through
when you turned away, things began to change it’s probably for the better
my friends said i should give you room – if she wants to leave, you gotta let her

i shouldn’t be so mean even if i got a broken heart
you’ll know in a couple years when it’s falling apart
and when it happens to you i hope you’ll take my advice
cause you don’t ever wanna go through this same kind of thing twice

so i sit at work and think about how everything just went so wrong
why i have to wait and wonder what you’re doing all day long
it’s like a torture that i put myself through every day and night
i miss hearing your sweet voice even when we would fight

its going to be hard until i get myself together again
thinking out how good it felt when you were with me then
i have to find some way to occupy myself not thinking of you
and i hope you never have to experience what i’m going through

i shouldnt be so cruel even if i got a broken heart
maybe in a couple years it’ll fall apart
and if it ever happens, i hope that you’ll take my advice
you don’t ever want to go through this same thing twice

words and music by joe herbert, C. january, 2000