i went and messed it up again, i shoulda known better than to walk that way
everybody told me i was looking for trouble if i didn’t need to be there then i shouldn’a stayed
but just like everyone else i’m making up dumb excuses for my stupid behavior
i never said i listen to my own advice let alone come across acting like a savior

this time i think i’m in trouble -let my own sense of direction get away from me
i just try and hold on but i lose control -head spinning so fast that i can’t even see
and when i looked back up thinking you were gonna be there for me just like you’d always been
i had to come to grips with the fact that you’ll never see me and i’ll never see you again

i’m feeling such a loss and an aching in my heart that i can’t tell anyone about
so i go around telling them pretty much exactly what they expect me to spout
listen to my heart and i get in deeper, i listen to my head i’m not satisfied
there’s a delicate balance in the universe, keep it somewhere right in the middle she said and died

this girl gave me so much i could never lose all the times that we had together
walking on the busy streets hearing all kinds of languages going thru all kinds of weather
suddenly she went away and there’s nothing that can bring her back cuz she’s really gone
it’s tough when you have to face up to fear but she was my foundation to stand upon

and i think about all the time when i’m lost and i’m so confused about the world today
i know that if i called her up there she’d tell me not to worry and she’d know the right words to say
there was nothing that could ever make me forget about her, and i knew this from the start
cuz the girl’s inside my soul and she’s never gonna leave my mind or escape my heart….

so if you got someone in your life right now that really gets inside your soul
take it to limit cause you never know how much time you’ll have til they’re ready to roll
it might be tomorrow might be today so it shouldn’t upset you when they go away
make it all worth while when you got the time like my favorite girl used to always say

words and music by joe herbert